May, 16, Pullman Hotel, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 3ª EDITION, 150 participants

A pioneering event in the discussion of the adoption of blockchain in different market segments, the 3rd edition of Forum Blockchain will show the advance in technology adoption and new business models that will impact companies and governments in the near future, where collaboration, value-added and shared economy will increasingly be relevant to the sustainability of business enterprises and institutions.

It is not without reason that specialist claim that blockchain will cause the same impact on the market that the emergence of the Internet has occasioned in the past.
In addition to discussing the transformation and integration of business chains, the edition of Forum Blockchain 2018 will present how companies are developing applications, deploying systems security, managing assets, smart identities and contracts, in promising areas such as traceability and distribution, payment systems, transfer of securities, smart contracts, copyrights, asset management, among others.

Last edition, we had the following sponsors: ORBIUM, MANDIC, ASTARLABS, LHM and LOGIC SP,

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